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Litho-Kit For Fountain Solution Control

Litho-Kit For Fountain Solution Control

Litho-Kits are available for the Ultrameter II 6P, 512M5 and M6/PH DS/pDS Meters.

The increasing use of alcohol-free and alcohol-reduced fountain solutions places greater importance on monitoring conductivity, pH and temperature. The easy-to-use Litho-Kit along with your Myron L® instrument allows the ability to take these important tests. Litho-Kits are self-contained, quality control tools for fountain solutions when purchased with the Ultrameter II 6P or M6/PH Meter.


  • Increases Print Quality
  • Saves Time & Money
  • Saves Solutions
  • Saves Water
  • Choice of instruments
  • Includes 20 mm/8 in. long-stem thermometer
  • Includes plastic syringe to draw samples from remote pans

Recommendations for checking fountain solution conductivity and pH are listed below.

Many of today's fountain solutions are pH buffered, so only small changes in pH are seen, even with large changes in solution strength. Testing solution conductivity is an accurate way to measure concentration. By using field-proven Myron L® instruments, the most precise etch/water mix can be quickly identified. On-the-spot measurements will allow further fine tuning during press runs.

Although conductivity measurement is critical, controlling pH is also imperative. The pH of fountain solutions can affect sensitivity, plate-life, ink-drying, etc. Use of the Myron L® instrument to maintain optimum pH and conductivity will result in consistent, high-quality printing.

Because alcohol-free solutions are less viscous, it is highly recommended to regularly check the temperature during press runs. The Litho-Kit includes a 20 mm/8 in. long-stem thermometer to check the temperature of the solution in the fountain pan ... the most accurate place to test.

Step 1: Draw sample from pan with syringe.
Step 2: Fill cell cup with syringe contents.
Step 3: Push buttons to read conductivity and pH.

PLK: For M6/PH
ULK: For 6P
CLK: For 512M5
Case Hard foam-lined plastic carry case: 13.6 L x 10 W x 5.4 D in./ 346 L x 254 W x 137 D mm
Syringe samples: (35 cc) for drawing solution
Thermometer: 20 mm/8 in. stem; 4-52°C/25- 125°F range; ±1% accuracy
Conductivity Standard Solution: Type 442-3000; 2 oz.
pH Buffer Solutions: (Model PLK & ULK only) - 4, 7, 10 pH; 2 oz. each



Conductivity Range: 0-9999 ?S, 10-200 mS in 5 autoranges
TDS Range: 0-9999 ppm, 10-200 ppt in 5 autoranges
Resistivity Range: 10 K? - 30 M?
pH Range: 0-14 pH
ORP Range: ±999 mV
Temperature: 0-71°C, 32-160°F

Conductivity: 0.01 (<100 ?S), 0.1 (<1000 ?S), 1.0 (<10 mS), 0.01 (<100 mS), 0.1 (<200 mS)
TDS: 0.01 (<100 ppm), 0.1 (<1000 ppm), 1.0 (<10 ppt), 0.01 (<100 ppt), 0.1 (<200 ppt)
Resistivity: 0.01 (<100 K?), 0.1 (<1000 K?), 0.01 (>1 M?) pH — ±0.01 pH
ORP: ±1 mV
Temperature: 0.1°C/F

Conductivity: ±1% of reading TDS — ±1% of reading
Resistivity: ±1% of reading
pH: ±0.01 pH
ORP: ±1 mV
Temperature: ±0.1°C

Automatic Temperature Compensation: 0-71°C/32-160°F
Power: 9V alkaline battery
Battery Life: >100 hours (or 5,000 readings)
Construction: IP67/NEMA 6 (Waterproof)
Dimensions: 196 x 68 x 64 mm / 7.7 L x 2.7 W x 2.5 H in.
Weight: 352 g/12.4 oz.


Conductivity Range: 0-5000 micromhos (microsiemens)
pH Range: 2-12 pH (M6/PH only)

Conductivity: ±2% of full scale
pH: ±0.2 pH units (M6/PH only)

Repeatability: ±1 %
Temperature Compensation: Automatic (to 25°C) for conductivity samples between 10-71°C/50-160°F

Electrodes (Built-In):
Conductivity: Never need replatinizing
pH: KCl gel-filled field replaceable (M6/PH)

Calibration: Easy finger adjustment of pH zero, gain/slope (M6/PH) and conductivity
Circuitry: Solid state sealed against moisture
Power: 9V battery supplied
Battery Life: Approx. one year or 2,000 tests
Case: Heavy gauge textured ABS
Cell Cup: Chip/crack resistant polyethylene
Dimensions: 86 W x 114 D x 102 H mm /3.4 W x 4.5 D x 4 H in.
Weight: 0.45 kg/1 lb.


Conductivity Standard Solution: Every Myron L® instrument is factory-calibrated with Type 442-3000 Standard Solution (3900 ?S). Use Standard Solution for periodic recalibration.

pH Buffer Solutions: Available in 4, 7, and 10 pH values. They assure the accuracy of every test. pH 7 Buffer is especially important and should be used every two weeks. pH Buffers are color- coded for instant identification. All Myron L® Standard Solutions and pH Buffers are NIST traceable.

Replacement pH Sensors
M6/PH: Model RPY is a unique KCI gel-filled pH combination electrode. Non-refillable, it features a gold-plated connector and a porous liquid junction.
6P: Model RPR is a unique KCI gel-filled pH combination electrode. Non-refillable, it features a gold-plated connector, porous liquid junction and a platinum ORP electrode. Complete instructions for easy installation included.

Most Myron L® instruments have a Two (2) Year Limited Warranty with the exception of pH sensors, which have a Six (6) Month Limited Warranty. If the instrument fails to function normally, return it to the factory prepaid. If, in the opinion of the factory, failure was due to materials or workmanship, repair or replacement will be made without charge. A reasonable service charge will be made for diagnosis or repairs due to normal wear, abuse or tampering. Warranty is limited to the repair or replacement of the Myron L® instrument only. Myron L® Company assumes no other responsibility or liability.

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  • Models: 512M5, 6PIIFCE, ULK, M6/PH, CLK & PLK

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