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DS and pDS Meters

DS and pDS Meters

TDS/Conductivity and pH Testing Instruments

Readings You Can Count On

No water supply is completely pure. Every industrial, commercial, or natural source contains dissolved solids or salts. These impurities contribute to scale, corrosion, poor taste, and environmental pollution that endanger animal and plant life.

Myron L® Company has two proven ways to measure such impurities. Our DS Meters™ provide fast, accurate, on-the-spot measurements of total dissolved solids (TDS) or conductivity. pDS Meters™ test conductivity or TDS, plus pH. Readings from their highly stable circuitry help assure product quality, prevent equipment damage and verify in-line instrumentation in a wide range of applications.

Reliability Built In

Breakage is one of the major causes of sensor failure in a typical pH or conductivity instrument. Myron L® instruments provide maximum protection for both the pH and conductivity electrodes inside the cell cup. The user-replaceable pH electrode features a chemical-resistant, porous liquid junction.

Unique Field-Tested Design

Our unique, durable, field-tested design has evolved over more than 55 years, making Myron L® instruments among the most reliable and popular of their kind in the world. They're lightweight and compact, yet Myron L®'s DS and pDS Meters are also tough, with rugged, taut-band meter movements. Put our meters to the test. Even after years of rough field service, they'll surpass your expectations of accuracy, reliability and simplicity.

Accurate Readings in 3 Easy Steps:

  1. Rinse and fill cell cup
  2. Select Conductivity/TDS range
  3. Push button to indicate reading

DS/pDS Meters™ Specifications:

Conductivity Range: 1, 3, 4 or 5 depending on model2-12 pH (pDS Meters only)
pH Range: (See meters table)
Readout: 2 1/2 in. taut-band shock resistant meter
Units of Measure*: Choice of parts per million (ppm) TDS or micromhos (µM)/microsiemens (µS) conductivity
Conductivity Accuracy: ±2% full scale
pH Accuracy: ±0.2 pH units
Repeatability: ±1%
Temperature Compensation:: Automatic (to 25°C/77ºF) for conductivity samples between 10-71°C/50-160°F
Calibration: Conductivity
Controls: pH Zero and pH Gain
Electrodes (built-in): Conductivity: Never need replatinizing
pH: KCl gel-filled, field replaceable
Cell Cup: Chip and crack resistant polyethylene
Circuitry: Very stable; requires minimal recalibration
Power: One 9 volt battery supplied
Battery Life: 2000 tests/1 year
Dimensions: 3.4 W x 4.5 D x 4.0 H in./86 W x 114 D x 102 H mm
Weight: 1 lb./0,45 kg

*1 µM (micromho) = 1 µS (microsiemen)

DS Meters™:

Model 512T4* 512M5* 512T5* 512T10* 532M1* 532T1* 532T2* EP-10 EP
Range(s) 0-2500 0-5000 0-5000 0-10,000 0-50
Units Measured ppm** µM ppm ppm** µM ppm ppm µM µM, MΩ
Recommended NIST Standard Solution Key F G G O B,D,G B,D,G A,C,F K,M,O B,D,G

pDS Meters™:

Model T6/PH* T2/PH* EP11/PH
Range(s) 2-12 pH
2-12 pH
2-12 pH
Units Measured pH, ppm pH, ppm pH, µM
Recommended NIST Standard Solution Key G B,D,G K,M,O

* These models feature the Internal Standard for easy field conductivity calibration and range doubling.
** Also available in micromhos.

DS/pDS Meters™ Applications:

  • Boilers & cooling towers
  • Deionization
  • Reverse osmosis
  • Chemical concentrations
  • Printing fountain solutions
  • Swimming pools & spas
  • Water pollution control
  • Wastewater

S & pDS Meters™ Accessories, Replacement items and Solutions:

NIST Standard Solutions & pH Buffers
All Myron L® instruments are factory calibrated with Standard Solutions of known conductivity/TDS values and (when appropriate) with pH buffer values 4, 7 and 10. These solutions and buffers are traceable to the U.S. Government's National Institute of Standards and Technology. Periodic recalibration with the appropriate Standard Solutions and pH Buffers will help maintain the accuracy of your instrument. See the table above for recommendations.
Note: pH 7 Buffer is especially important and should be used every 1- 2 weeks.

Click to order Standard Solutions and Buffers

(Specify Quarts, Gallons or 2 oz. bottles****)
A 442-15 (15 ppm/24 µS)
B 442-30 (30 ppm/47 µS)
C 442-150 (150 ppm/229 µS)
D 442-300 (300 ppm/445 µS)
E 442-1000 (1000 ppm/1417 µS)
F 442-1500 (1500 ppm/2060 µS)****
G 442-3000 (3000 ppm/3900 µS)****
H 442-15000 (15,000 ppm/16,630 µS)
I 442-30000 (30,000 ppm/30,100 µS)
J KCL-18 (11 ppm/18 µS)
K KCL-70 (45 ppm/70 µS)
L KCL-180 (116 ppm/180 µS)
M KCL-700 (478 ppm/700 µS)
N KCL-1800 (1294 ppm/1800 µS)****
O KCL-7000 (5687 ppm/7000 µS)****
P KCL-18000 (16,462 ppm/18,000 µS)


pH Buffer Solutions
PH4 pH 4 (red)****
PH7 pH 7 (yellow)****
PH10 pH 10 (blue)****
SS pH Sensor Storage Solution****

****Values available in 2 oz. bottles

Range Extender increases the Conductivity/TDS range by a factor of 10 when inserted into the sample-filled cell cup. Not available for model 512T10. Model: RE-10

Porta-Kit (pDS only) Hard foam-lined case with 2 oz. bottles of pH Buffers 4, 7 and 10 and Conductivity Standard Solution. Model: PK3 for models M6/PH, T2/PH & T6/PH; Model: PK7 for EP11/PH.

Porta-Pak Carry Case can be used with all DS and pDS meters. Hard foam-lined case molded of sturdy ABS plastic. No solutions/buffers included. Model: PTP

Replacement pH Sensor is a unique non-refillable KCl gel-filled combination pH electrode, featuring a porous liquid junction. Model: RPY

NIST Certification: Certificates are available that confirm NIST traceability of an instrument (Order #MC) or Standard Solution/pH Buffer (Order #SC).
Note: Both MC Certificates and/or SC Solution Certificates must be specified when placing instrument/solution orders.

Limited Warranty
All Myron L® DS Meters and pDS Meters have a Two Year Limited Warranty, excluding the pH sensors, which have a Six Month Limited Warranty. If your unit fails to function normally, return it to the factory prepaid. If, in the opinion of the factory, failure was due to materials or workmanship, repair or replacement will be made without charge.
A reasonable service charge will be made for diagnosis or repairs due to normal wear, abuse or tampering. Warranty is limited to the repair or replacement of the DS Meter or pDS Meter only at our discretion. The Myron L® Company assumes no other responsibility or liability.

DS and pDS Accessories Notes (Below):
* Approximate dimensions: 8.5 L x 5.4 W x 4.5 D in./ 216 L x 137 W x 114 D mm
** Approximate dimensions: 13.6 L x 10 W x 5.4 D in./ 346 L x 254 W x 137 D mm

  • Models: 512M5, 512M10, 512T4, 512T5, 512T10, 532M1, 532T1, 532T2, EP-10, EP, EP11/PH, T6/PH, PTP, PK3, PK7, CLK, PLK, RPY, RE-10, MC & MCATF

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DS and pDS Accessories

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