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Ultrapen PT4 Free Chlorine Equivalent and Temperature Pen

Ultrapen PT4 Free Chlorine Equivalent and Temperature Pen

ULTRAPEN™ PT4 is Myron L® Company’s ground breaking, new Pocket Tester for measuring Free Chlorine Disinfecting Power, Free Chlorine Equivalent (FCE), as well as Temperature. It is waterproof and designed to be extremely accurate, fast, and simple to use in diverse water quality applications.


  • Accuracy of up to ±0.3 ppm FCE
  • Proprietary Sensor Design
  • Calibration with pH and ORP Standard Solutions
  • Automatic Temperature Compensation
  • Durable, Fully Encapsulated Electronics
  • Temperature Readout
  • Waterproof
  • Powered by One N Type Battery (Included)


  • PT4 Pocket Tester Pen - Battery Installed
  • User Replaceable pH/ORP Sensor - Installed
  • Scoop
  • Soaker Cap
  • Pocket Clip
  • Holster
  • Lanyard
  • ORP Electrode Cleaning Paper
  • Operating Instructions


Mode Method of Measurement
Hold (default) Once stabilized, the readings are captured then displayed.
LIVE Real-time readings are displayed continuously during measurement.


FCE Free Chlorine Range: 0 – 10.0 ppm
FCE Free Chlorine Accuracy: <5.00ppm ±0.3 ppm; ≥5.00ppm ±0.5 ppm
FCE Free Chlorine Resolution: 0.01 ppm
Temperature Range: 0 - 71°C / 32 - 160°F
Temperature Accuracy: ± 0.1°C / ± 0.1°F
Temperature Resolution: 0.1°C / 0.1°F
Power Consumption: Active Mode 30-100mA Sleep Mode 2μA
Temperature Compensation: Automatic In Calibration Mode From 15°C to 30°C
Physical Dimensions: 17,15cm L x 1,59cm D or 6.75in. L x .625in. D
Weight: 50.4g / 1.78oz. (without soaker cap and lanyard)
Case Material: Anodized Aircraft Aluminum with Protective Coating
Battery Type: One N type, Alkaline, 1.5V
Calibration Standard Solutions: PH4, PH7, PH10, ORP80, ORP260, ORP470
Operating/Storage Temperature: 0 - 55°C / 32 - 131°F
Enclosure Ratings: IP67 and NEMA6
EN61236-1: 2006 – Annex A: 2008:
Electrostatic discharge to the PT4 may cause it to spontaneously turn on. If this occurs, the PT4 will turn off.

Standard Solutions For Calibration:
The ULTRAPEN™ PT4 requires pH4, pH7, and pH10 pH Buffer Solutions and 80 mV Quinhydrone, 260 mV Quinhydrone, or 470 mV MLC Light’s ORP Standard Solutions for wet calibration, and Sensor Storage Solution for proper storage.

Click to order Standard Solutions and Buffers

Routinely cleaning the platinum electrode will keep the sensor free of build-up that can affect the speed and accuracy of FCE free chlorine measurements. Instructions for use are included with the paper.

The ULTRAPENT™ PT4 features a use-replaceable FCE sensor with a unique porous liquid-junction. Installation instructions included with sensor.

The PT4, excluding the FCE sensor, has a one (1) year limited warranty. The FCE sensor has a six (6) month limited warranty.

Includes battery installed, protective/hydration cap, scoop, pocket clip, holster, lanyard, ORP electrode cleaning paper, quick start guide

Click for Operation Manuals / Instructions

Myron L® Ultrapen™ Series units have probes that can freeze and break and must ship 2nd Day Air with a heat pack.
Ignoring this requirement voids the warranty.

  • Models: PT4, PTBT4, BATT11768, BATT11768-B3, RPT4 & PTSC

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